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Your practice is unique . . . and the marketing plan, tactics, and budget created for it should be, too. myDentalCMO offers three distinct levels of service for existing dental practitioners: Classic, Premier, and the Executive "Chief Marketing Officer"

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Start here if you fall into one of two categories: 1) You already market; you just want to make it work better, and you're looking for direction. 2) You've never marketed before and have no idea where to start. At this level, we offer a one-day visit to your practice, during which we observe, gather information and assess current marketing materials, technology, customer service, demographics, local market presence and the like — creating a 12 month marketing treatment plan and budget for you and your team to follow.


Select this level of service if you realize that engaging your team's skill sets and support is crucial to greater marketing success. Here you get both strategic and tactical direction. In addition to the Classic level of service described above, this level includes a full day of customized team marketing training.

Executive "CMO"

Choose this level of you want myDentalCMO to take over your entire practice's marketing efforts. It starts with the Classic day of observation and continues each month as we work with team members, designers, web developers, social media strategists, and vendors with three goals in mind: 1) Improve new patient flow 2) Improve budget effectiveness and 3) Increase case acceptance. This level is available for both monthly and quarterly service options. Fees vary based on practice size so contact us for more details.

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Starting A Practice

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Starting A Practice?

Great office design, adequate funding, licensure, permits, leases, staffing, insurance participation, technology, etc. The list of responsibilities is endless. When starting from "scratch", marketing tends to be one of the last things new practice owners think about. Don't leave your marketing to chance. Protect your new investment with a great marketing plan from Day 1.

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We start by conducting research on your proposed demographic to allow for successful development of your practice brand and unique market position. Next, we develop a 15 month plan and budget, including the 90 days before you open and your complete first year of ownership. Once your custom plan is developed and reviewed, we get to work on developing logos, brochures, websites, social media strategies, media relationships, community involvement events, promotions, etc.

You have enough to worry about. Let myDentalCMO ensure you have plenty of patients once the doors open...

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Acquiring A Practice

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Acquiring A Practice?

When you acquire a practice, you acquire the patient base, the facility, the demographics of the surrounding area, the team, the treatment planning philosophy of the previous owner (like it or not) and much more. A great marketing plan helps ensure the practice generates the new patients and existing patients you're looking for in the future.

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The practice you are purchasing has probably been formally evaluated to determine the purchase price. Make sure that your future new patient flow and case acceptance is off to the right start by hiring myDentalCMO for a CLASSIC One-Day Marketing Analysis. This one-day consultation will evaluate both new and existing patient value, potential marketing pitfalls for the community you're now working in, keys to marketing success and how to target the right "kind" of patient. Most importantly, we'll determine how much or how little you need to spend on marketing.

If you're changing the practice name, we can also help guide you through a successful "re-branding" including the creation and execution of updated marketing materials. After all, you'll want to spend your time seeing patients.

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