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Doesn't Need 'Cookie-Cutter' Marketing.

Philosophy: Education


Our commitment to EDUCATION isn't just about presenting seminars and webinars. We believe that any great advisor is responsible for teaching their clients principles that they will use over the life of their careers. Find out how we can educate you and your team.

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Hire myDentalCMO for a 2-day PREMIER consultation and we'll spend the first day observing your team and gathering information. We'll spend the second day training you and your team about:

  • Basic marketing principles
  • The six different areas of dental marketing
  • How to make those six areas work effectively for your practice
  • Each team member's role in new patient acquisition and existing patient retention
  • Your custom marketing plan and more....

We are also available for single day team training and retreat events.

myDentalCMO also offers seminars throughout the country and online webinars on a regular basis. Visit Upcoming Events for more information.

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Philosophy: Orchestration


ORCHESTRATION is all about putting your marketing plan together so that it works for you, as the owner, your team, your patients, your budget, and your bottom line.

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or-ches-trate [awr-kuh-streyt]: - verb
1. to arrange, organize or build up for special or maximum effect.

Whether you choose to engage us in a CLASSIC, PREMIER or EXECUTIVE CMO relationship, by partnering with myDentalCMO, you will:

  • Eliminate unnecessary marketing expenses
  • Enjoy a custom marketing plan built just for you
  • Understand how to make marketing work for your practice
  • Partner with someone who isn't trying to "sell you" on their company's product suite of services
  • Take advantage of industry cost savings
  • Experience true marketing success

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Philosophy: Evaluation


We won't tell you what kind of marketing you should practice before we get to know the unique offerings, philosophy and inter-workings of your practice. EVALUATION means understanding where you are starting and continuing with ongoing monitoring and ROI tracking for optimum marketing success.

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One of the most common things we hear from clients is, "I've talked to other marketing companies before and they never asked for this information." myDentalCMO's philosophy includes a firm belief in the need to evaluate an existing practice on several levels before providing marketing advice. We'll ask for your things like your practice demographics, new patient listings, referral sources, production by referral source, production/collection reports, procedure code history, new patient paperwork, treatment planning documents. If you don't know how to get that out of your software, that's OK, we'll help.

We'll also ask for current and previous marketing materials. Most importantly, because there is only so much you can get out of a report, we'll spend a day at your office learning what you do and where you do it. Rest assured that we want to make sure we understand your complete practice before we start handing out recommendations.

And if you decide to engage myDentalCMO as your EXECUTIVE CMO, we'll teach you and your team how to effectively measure and monitor your marketing efforts for optimum return-on-investment.

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