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How to Get Your Dental Practice into the "In" Group

Online marketing on Facebook and other social media sites is a lot like … trying to work your way into one of those high school cliques that we all secretly desired to...

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Your One-Page Social Media "Pocket Guide"

The time to start seriously dedicating yourself to social media is now. The number of people who make choices influenced by social media continues to climb, and you will not ...

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Six Tips for Facebook Success for Dentists

Dentists traditionally shy away from online media because they do not understand how it works or they think they do not have time. Neither of these excuses are good enough to...

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Bogeyman or Best Marketing Tool Ever?

Many dentists are terrified of social media because they think that opening themselves up to social networking makes them vulnerable to a negative review at the hands of a di...

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The Importance of Social Media for Marketing to Women

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, 90% of U.S. adult women are responsible for healthcare decisions for themselves and their spouses/significant others, ...

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5 Reasons You Don't Use Social Media and 10 Ways to Get Started

Too many practices have no social media campaign at all. They depend on outdated ways of communicating with existing patients and attracting new ones. According to MySocialPr...

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Synching Your Web Site With Your Social Media Presence

You have two great resources at your disposal when it comes to visibility. One is your practice’s Web site, the other is your social media presence. Potential patients ...

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The Trifecta: Using Social Media Effectively

Are you striving to grow your practice, but think that current methods of connecting with your patients and their communities are not productive enough?

Then it...

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