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Effective Dental Practice Marketing

Effective Dental Practice Marketing

Part 1: Attracting Outstanding Patients On A Reasonable Budget

Your practice has an exceptional location, a terrifific team and offers exceptional clinical care. Why aren’t new patients lined up around the block? Why aren't you attracting QUALITY patients from the internet? Many practices are behind the curve when it comes to modern marketing, and that’s a big mistake to make in such a competitive field! Creating a complete marketing plan and mastering online marketing isn’t asign of desperation—it’s a savvy move made by those who are willing to embrace the current marketing landscape.Successful dentists know how to harness the power of search, social and local media to make their practice the obvious answer to “Who is the best choice for care?”

Part 2: The 5 Keys to Social Media Marketing Success for Dental Practices

Today’s progressive dental practices use social media marketing to increase top-of-mind awareness and referrals, attract newpatients, decrease attrition, increase case acceptance, and strengthen patient relationships. Prospective new patients move constantly between a range of digital devices—including smartphones and tablets—that didn’t exist a few short years ago. These changes mean that former tried-and-true marketing methods are no longer enough. All marketing now has a digital component, and social participation is inevitable and powerful!But how does a busy practice navigate and benefit from this new environment?